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Say hello to the Webflow Webhook Generator by Evil Twins Studio, a no-code solution to create custom webhooks for your Webflow sites.

Create a Webhook

Send form submissions to your CRM, let employers update their job listings, and invite members after purchases.

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Form Submission

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Webhooks Send Data...

Example: Near Instant Sync (under 100ms) with Webflow CMS and Airtable

Zero Hassle Setup

Seamless Powerful Automation for Your Webflow Site


Add Your Webflow Sites

Add your sites to the tool by connecting your account, with an official integration. No API key is needed.


Get A Destination URL

Copy the destination URL found in the service you are sending data to (i.e. Webflow Logic, Airtable, Zapier, etc.).


Let The Magic Happen

Choose a trigger type and click the generate button, your webhook will be added to your site in a few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Webhook?

Webhooks are how platforms and applications send information to each other in real time. They are triggered by an event (i.e. form submission), and the data is then sent somewhere (the Destination URL). Our friends at Zapier and n8n further explain how they work, including how to use them with their platforms.

What Can I Do With This Tool?

Send data from multiple forms on your site to different sources, sync your Webflow CMS with Airtable or Google Sheets, get notified about user account updates, record e-commerce purchases in an external order manager, plus more.

How Does The Generator Work?

After you add your Webflow sites by securely connecting your account, we create your custom webhook and attach it to your site—all through the official Webflow API.

Does This Work with Webflow Logic?

Yes, you can use this with Webflow Logic through the Incoming Webhook trigger. For more information on Logic, visit the Webflow site or watch this YouTube video.

Will You Be Releasing Resources?

Over the coming days and weeks, we will be releasing a series of resources — cloneables, code snippets and more, to help you build faster. Have a specific resource you would like crafted? Reach out to us on Twitter or by email at support@eviltwins.studio.

Do You Offer Support?

Limited, free support is available to users of the tool. If you need help using the tool, contact us at support@eviltwins.studio or through the Intercom messenger. Please note, we are unable to assist with custom code configurations.

Is This Tool Free?

Yes, the Webflow Webhook Generator is free for everyone to use. We have no plans to make this a paid product in the near or distant future.

Did Webflow Help Build This?

This is an independently developed tool by Evil Twins Studio, made available for free and was created solely for non-commercial purposes. The Webflow Webhook Generator is not endorsed by or affiliated with Webflow, Inc. The Webflow name and logo are the registered trademarks of Webflow, Inc. in the United States and elsewhere.

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